First edition - Future Intelligence

The theme of the first edition of Sparks was Future Intelligence. The flow, analysis and interpretation of vast amounts of information is a core strength of CERN, in particular when searching for tiny signals in vast datasets, while avoiding bias and being open to novel technologies. As the particle physics challenge intensifies, CERN is set to be at the forefront of bringing together big data and Artificial Intelligence.

CERN benefited from the cutting-edge learning that the forum afforded, and participants gained from lessons learned by CERN in mining the LHC data streams. Together, the invited participants, from diverse backgrounds beyond AI such as neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and ethics, and CERN scientists exchanged visions on the development of the field, and set tangible directions for a future course. The forum discussions formed and informed the public event sparking new questions on what it all means to the future of our global society.

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The Sparks! Forum was held on 17 September 2021 at CERN. It brought together experts from diverse fields for discussions around the theme “Future Intelligence”.

Discussions were moderated by facilitators knowledgeable in collaborative methodologies and recorded by journalists. This content informed the program of the Public Event and will be made available to the public through a summary report.


cover Machine Learning: Science and Technology (MLST) an IOP Publishing multidisciplinary open access journal, is partnering with Sparks!, a multidisciplinary event at CERN taking place September 2021.
MLST is a journal that bridges the application of machine learning across the sciences with advances in machine learning methods and theory as motivated by physical insights.
The discussions from Sparks!, a serendipity forum on innovation, will focus on the future of artificial intelligence. The result of the two-day forum will be published in MLST as a possible roadmap/set of perspectives for conceptual advances motivated by diverse insights.

Themes of the Sparks! Forum

Themes of SPARKS! 2021

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