The Serendipity forum at CERN - a yearly thematic podcast, public event and forum


Sparks! aims to bring back the kind of interdisciplinary conversations that used to happen serendipitously in university coffee lounges around the world before disciplines became more and more specialised.

At the Sparks! Forum, we create opportunities for open discussions on a given theme between experts from various backgrounds, stimulating original thinking and new interdisciplinary collaborations.


2nd Edition - Future Technology for Health

The theme for the second edition will be Future Technology for Health. Whether in the domains of prevention, diagnosis or treatment, the topics for this edition of Sparks! will seek to ask new questions linking medical technologies to fundamental science, ethics, globalisation and more.

This second edition will feature a podcast series, a public event and an academic forum with a new set of participants as well as a yellow report and at least one published article. Sparks! will bring together up to 50 selected experts and other professionals from around the world to discuss the future of health and the implications to society. Topics such as accessibility, ethics, research challenges and priorities, and global interdependence will be addressed.



First edition 2021 teaser