Sparks! Forum

Sparks! Second Edition

The theme for the second edition of the Sparks! Forum will be Future Technology for Health. CERN has actively pursued medical applications of its technologies since as far back as the 1970s. The tools of experimental particle physics are ubiquitous in hospitals and biomedical research. However, Sparks! goes beyond what we do here at CERN. Spanning the domains of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, the topics for this edition of Sparks! will spark new questions about the links between medical technologies and fundamental science, globalisation, accessibility, trust, ethics and more. We will be calling on doctors, tech developers, economists, policy makers, ethicists, patient associations, medical researchers, humanitarian organisations, medical foundations, UN agencies, data specialists, climate modellers, AI developers and journalists to discuss the topics listed below – and any others that arise in the process!

Sparks! Serendipity Forum | 18 November 2022 | CERN

The Forum part of Sparks! happens behind closed doors at CERN and is an opportunity for up to 50 experts from different fields to come together to discuss the year’s theme. Different sessions are organised and designed in such a way to leave space for serendipity to happen.

While the forum is not open to the public, the various discussions and sessions are consigned by a team of CERN scribes and will result in at least one published paper. You will also find insights into the Forum discussions on social media during and after the event.

Remember, if you are hosting a streaming party we encourage you to run your own informal forum with guests!


Sparks! Forum academic partner

This year, Sparks! is collaborating with the innovative Frontiers for Young Minds journal for the academic output of the forum. Find out more about the project here and under our "Partners" tab -  and look out for the article to come later on!