Auffray, Etiennette


Dr Etiennette Auffray is senior physicist at CERN. She first came at CERN as a technical student in 1990, then continued as a PhD student and postdoc working on the R&D on inorganic scintillators for future homogeneous electromagnetic calorimetry at LHC. She became staff in 1999. She worked on the design, the construction and the installation of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter made of 75848 scintillating crystals of PWO and since 2009 on its operation and upgrade. Since 2010 she is the spokesperson of Crystal Clear Collaboration (RD18), an international collaboration working on R&D on scintillation materials for novel ionizing radiation detectors for High Energy Physics, medical imaging and industrial applications, in particular the Crystal Clear Collaboration developped several prototypes of positron emission tomographs. Over the last years, she has also coordinated several European projects involving scintillating materials and their applications in particular for fast timing detectors.