Public Event

Sparks! Public Event | 18 September 2021 | CERN

The Sparks! 2021 Public Event will be webcast live online. Due to the ongoing public health situation there will be no public audience. Whatever your background, if you are fascinated by the challenges and impact of AI, follow our podcast series to learn more about the speakers and join us for the live webcast on 18 September 2021.

The Sparks! public event will consist of a series of short talks and debates about the current and future trends that will define the field of AI and how it will impact our society as we know it. The talks will be given by a few AI experts participating in the Sparks! forum. Find the list of Forum participants here. Amongst these participants, some will be giving talks during the ublic event. The full program and the lineup of speakers for the public event will be published on this page soon. 


The public event will be held in English. French subtitles will be available for part of the event.


Following CERN’s open access policy, there will be satellite viewing events around the world.


Volunteers will be a key part of the success of the event. Registration will open during the Summer 2021 for CERN members of personnel. The call for volunteers will be communicated through the usual CERN internal channels.