Sparks Podcast - Series Future Intelligence

Can artificial intelligence be curious? Can it be creative? Can we create it to be ethical and push past the limits that exist today to imagine a world made better with AI in it? At CERN, machine learning already plays a pivotal role in the quest for advancing human knowledge through particle physics – from detector design to data acquisition and analysis. But can AI one day take over the role of scientists? Join hosts Abha and Mark on the Sparks! podcast as they journey through a series of conversations with leading minds shaping the realm of Future Intelligence.

This podcast series, that will be available in the beginning of 2021, is a community building initiative and an offshoot of the main event, prefacing the first live edition of Sparks! forum scheduled for 2021. Follow CERN social media channels for releases. 



Abha Eli Phoboo. Abha is a writer and an obsessive rewriter. Interested in the arts and sciences, she explores the weak interaction between the two. A CERN Press Officer, she translates physics into English and helps scientists communicate their research to the world.



Mark Rayner. Mark discovered the tachyon before it was cool - and then recalibrated the timing detectors. Now a recovering particle physicist, he specialises in helping high-energy physicists communicate their research to colleagues worldwide as associate editor of CERN Courier magazine.