Stream for home

Given the limited number of seats in the Globe at CERN, we invite the public to stream the Sparks! Talks from the comfort of your own homes.

Streaming Parties

We encourage all institutes involved in the research programme at CERN, as well as universities, schools, libraries, museums all over the world to stream the Sparks! Talks live and to use them as a way to engage and connect with their local communities. Why not create an event of your own? All you need is to find a location, invite colleagues, friends and members of your community and stream the Sparks! Talks. We will provide you with materials to promote your event.

To register your interest in hosting a streaming party, please contact Laetitia Pedroso <>

  • Date: Thursday 17 November 2022
  • Needs: Your venue just needs an internet connection (stream: full HD(1080p) at 5Mbit/s), a screen and space for your guests!
  • Actions: Reach out to us if you are interested and have any further questions!

Second edition streaming party locations


JeffTech Innovation at Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


St. John's University New York
New York


HE Arc Engineering
Neuchâtel, NE


Webcast Party